Nanae Uehara /

Takaki Yanagihara

Nanae Uehara and Takaki Yanagihara

Nanae Uehara was born in 1999. She has a mysterious musicality and atmosphere without clear genealogy.
Her music is characterized as ambient with a touch of pop.
She mainly uses electric guitar and synthesizer, her own voice, and has a production style of recording on cassette tapes.
She has performed at ‘SHIBUYA PARCO 3rd ANNIVERSARY’ and is currently working on her new album. Takaki Yanagihara started his artist activities in collaboration with Nanae Uehara.
In his glass and drawing works, he expresses the power of what is invisible to the eyes.

上原菜々恵, 柳原好貴, Why are you so warm?
柳原好貴,「秘密の愛」, 2023
* 参考画像
©︎ Courtesy of the artist