Graham Martin

Through his work, Graham Martin transcends space and time to capture the rem- nant presence of the queer community and the struggles and oppression experi- enced by them in a previous era. Martin depicts queer experiences by utilizing abandoned objects from ruins that trace their earlier incarnations and assembles them together to illustrate anecdotes from queer history. In the perspective he creates, he interrupts our linear recognition of time and provides an alternative con- text to find utopia in the present. His works are informed by the works of Jack Hal- berstam, Jose Esteban Munoz and inspired by Fiona Anderson’s Cruising the Dead River. Through his work, Graham revisits and deconstructs oppressive narratives by reframing his personal experi- ences to break the internalized narrative deeply ingrained in the collective unconscious. As Munoz argues, “queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete pos- sibility for another world”.

Keep Clear, 2021

Graham Martin, Keep Clear, 2021
© Courtesy of the artist